March is National Child Life Month!

Mar 4, 2016
Child Life

A hospital stay can be frightening and stressful for children and their families.  The child life team at MIHS helps to improve pediatric patients’ hospital experience by providing developmentally appropriate education, preparation, distraction, support and play opportunities for normalization.  Child life at MIHS is composed of 3 child life specialists,  2 child life assistants and 1 PRN assistant.  They are staffed on Peds, PICU and Burn but are also available for peds ED, NICU, pre-op, outpatient sedation, endoscopy, radiology and to work with children of seriously-ill adult patients.  The American Academy of Pediatrics states that child life interventions “result in higher parent satisfaction ratings of the entire health care experience”.  



So many often ask how they can give back/donate to the hospital that has helped them, and for this purpose we’ve developed the Child Life Wish List. By assisting with the purchase and donation of items on this list, you are helping to make the stay of each pediatric patient just a little bit brighter and a little more comfortable. 




  •          Rattles
  •          Teethers
  •          Sound and Light Toys
  •          Crib Mobiles (plastic only - no cloth pieces)
  •          Infant Mirrors
  •          Linking Rings
  •          Sorters/Stackers


  •          Sound and Light Toys
  •          Big Cars, Trains
  •          Sound Books
  •          Small Balls
  •          Character Theme Items (Elmo, Dora, Curious George, etc)
  •          Push Items ( poppers, vacuum, lawn mower)


  •          Play-doh
  •          Baby Dolls
  •          Big Legos
  •          “Little People” Items
  •          Toy Farm, Farm Animals, Jungle Animals, Sea Creatures
  •          Mr. Potato Head
  •          Pretend Play Items (kitchen, dress up, tools, doll house, etc.)
  •          Books (English and Spanish)/Puzzles
  •          Cars, Trucks, Rescue Vehicles

Shool Age

  •          Sports/Nerf Balls
  •          Barbies/Barbie Accessory
  •          Small Lego Sets (for girls and boys)
  •          Action Figures/Transformers
  •          Littlest Pet Shop
  •          Cars/Remote Control Cars
  •          I Spy Books/ School Age Books
  •          Craft Kits (model cars, beads, paint sets)
  •          Fuzzy Posters
  •          Board Games/Puzzles


  •          Craft Kits
  •          Electronics (iPods, handheld games)
  •          Make-Up
  •          Nail Polish
  •          Jewelry      
  •          Lotions and Bath Items
  •          Sports Team Memorabilia
  •          Sports Equipment
  •          Diaries and Journals
  •          Sketch Pads
  •          Teen Magazines and Books
  •          Word Search, Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles
  •          Board Games and Card Games
  •          Gift Cards and iTunes Cards


  •          Bubbles (small individual size)
  •          Arts and Craft Items (pipe cleaner, googly eyes, poster board, feathers, beads, stickers, scissors, glue, paint, glitter)
  •          Movies (G, PG, and PG 13)
  •          Video Games (X-Box, X-Box Kinect, PS3, Wii,)
  •          Music CD’s (lullaby, nature sound, toddler songs, popular artists)
  •          Clothes, Underwear, Slippers
  •          Stuffed Animals (new, with tag on)
  •          Party/Holiday Supplies and Decorations


*Please do not donate play guns, war toys, scary action figures, rated “R” movies,
mature video games or CD’s with parental warning.

Thank you for considering making a donation to
 Arizona Children’s Center!

Please call Kyla Mohney at 602.344.1844 if you have questions or need additional information.