MIHS to Become One of Valley's Few Outpatient Health Centers with Onsite Imaging
Beginning April 22, 2013, patients at MIHS' Comprehensive Healthcare Center, will no longer need to leave the facility for CT scans. In an effort to make quality, comprehensive care...
April 16
Our brand new website
Our new website has officially launched. We'll be launching new features and sharing more details about it soon. Thanks for visiting!
March 12
Letter from a Domestic Violence Survivor
The following letter was sent to us from Lillian Namagembe, a Trauma Registrar at Maricopa Medical Center. Lillian is not only an MIHS employee, but she also became a patient when she...
March 12
CopaBall 2012, Tom McKinley with Dinner Co-Chairs
Thank you for CopaBall 2012
The 9th Annual CopaBall was held last weekend, October 20, 2012, at the lovely Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa.    Mike Cowley, Maricopa Health Foundation Board Chair, Betsy Bayless,...
October 28
Is Swimming with the Sharks taking it too far?
Supporting the Maricopa Health Foundation is a great thing, but Swimming with the Sharks to do so? Well, some might say that's going above and beyond the call to get involved. Yet, that...
October 11