Refugee Women’s Health Center

The Maricopa Integrated Health System is dedicated to reaching out to the underserved and fervently supports the mission of refugee resettlement, which promotes self-sufficiency in incoming populations. It is this dedication and support, as well as a culture of embracing diversity, which led MIHS to take a new initiative in opening the Refugee Women’s Health Clinic.

The clinic was created to provide a culturally grounded, patient-centered medical home for the growing refugee community in the Phoenix area. After four years of service to Phoenix’s refugee community, the RWHC has become a safe haven for many women seeking medical attention for themselves and their families. The RWHC has served nearly 2000 patients from 38 different countries speaking 32 different languages. The top five countries: Burma (24%), Somali (20%), Iraq (11%), Burundi (8%) and Bhutan. The top five languages are Somali (20%), Burmese (18%), Arabic (14%), Kirundi (7%) and Nepali (5%).

By empowering and mentoring refugee women, the RWHC influences their ability to make informed medical decisions for themselves and their families and increases their health seeking behavior. Partnering with various refugee resettlement and voluntary agencies as well as research partners and universities, the clinic has made and continues to advance great strides in the arena of cross- cultural healthcare, reducing and eliminating health disparities and cultural barriers to care.

Maricopa Health Foundation provides financial support and community outreach for the Refugee Women’s Health Clinic. Our goal is to increase awareness of and access to the services provided at the clinic.