Biography – Hiral Tipirneni, MD

Hiral Tipirneni, MD
Healthcare Professional

Hiral is an Emergency Medicine physician by trade, having completed her residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center and serving as Chief Resident.  In 1996, she and her husband moved west to Arizona.  For several years, she staffed some of the busiest emergency departments in Phoenix and Glendale, including time spent in the MIHS ED.  As a result, she developed a deep appreciation for the critical resource MIHS is for the county and the remarkable role it plays for the grateful residents it serves.  Eventually, she chose to take a leave from clinical medicine and, for the past eight years, she has put forth her passions for medical science and cancer research into her work with the Health Sector of CSRA, a company based in VA that works with organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Department of Defense’s CDMRP.  Her role there is as a facilitator in the process of developing a yearly vision for funding for these various organizations, and then vetting and securing the most optimal research to fulfill that vision.

Outside of her professional commitments, Hiral has been an active member of her school district’s parent-teacher organizations throughout the years.  She is the lead organizer of the first TEDx event in the West Valley, the theme of which last year was “Act Today, Change Tomorrow.”  She also serves on the board of the Guerrant Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on microlending programs serving women in third-world countries.

After growing up and attending medical school in Ohio, both she and her husband completed their residencies in Michigan and relocated to Arizona to work, start their family, and enjoy the copious sunshine.  Two decades later, they can say with pride and gratitude that they have two daughters in college, a son in high school, and three adorable, poorly-behaved dogs.

As a member of the MHF Board, Hiral seeks to give back to the city of Phoenix by supporting this invaluable health institution and further serving the communities she cared for in her capacity as a physician.