Behavioral Health

MIHS’ Psychiatric services program provides a safe and comfortable environment for adults in need of inpatient behavioral health treatment. We operate a Level 1 Acute Psychiatric Hospital with beds located on two campuses: the Desert Vista Behavioral health Center in Mesa and the Behavioral Health Annex of the Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix.

Maricopa Health Foundation provides direct support to behavioral health programs to ensure that patients receive the care they need. In addition, many patients admitted for behavioral health services lack the most basic necessities. For two years MHF has provided shoes and socks to homeless patients who lack appropriate footwear of their own. Our goal is not only to improve access to and quality of medical treatment, but also to improve quality of life, self-esteem, and dignity of members of our community.

More About Behavioral Health Services at MIHS
Our Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital has a total capacity of 189 beds with distinct units dedicated to serving psychiatric patients requiring intensive inpatient care. Our program serves individuals seeking services on a voluntary basis as well as those who have been court ordered to receive mental health evaluation and treatment. One of our units has the unique focus of serving the geriatric population and those with significant medical conditions.
Each patient is cared for by a multi-disciplinary treatment team, consisting of a psychiatrist, social worker, registered nurse and often a psychiatric resident physician. Psychologists and recreational therapists also participate in treatment planning. Our psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, social workers and nursing staff take a multi-disciplinary team approach to treatment while collaborating closely with referring physicians, behavioral health agency outpatient treatment teams, primary care physicians and other health care professionals.
Outpatient psychiatric services are also available at our Desert Vista Campus in Mesa. The Desert Vista Outpatient Clinic provides individual, group, and family counseling for adults, adolescents and children along with a full range of psychiatric assessment, evaluation, testingand medication monitoring. Services in the outpatient clinic are provided by psychiatric resident physicians in our residency training program under the direct supervision of attending psychiatrists.