Community Outreach

While Maricopa Medical Center may be the most visible landmark of MIHS, keeping people out of the hospital through prevention is clearly the most efficient and cost effective way of keeping people well. In the last year, MIHS conducted more than 320 events throughout the community that provided thousands of preventive clinical screenings and referrals to our Family Health Centers. These neighborhood clinics become a “medical home” for residents, a place to see a doctor before a medical issue requires hospitalization. We also have established relationships with schools, churches, community based organizations, governments and others. Besides participating in dozens of community events, MIHS also conducts three major community health fairs every year, providing services to thousands of community members, At MIHS, our work is not limited to four walls. For Maricopa County to be a health community, we must take our care to our people, wherever they are.

Maricopa Health Foundation is actively engaged in a wide variety of community outreach programs at MIHS, including:

  • Language Program: training to enhance the communication process in clinical and non-clinical situations
  • Lecture series, support health fairs, and CPR classes
  • Developed and published scald prevention books and flashcards with Ruth Rimmer, PhD. The educational materials were distributed to students, and among those who received them, an 80% reduction in scald injuries has been reported.
  • Teddy Bear Clinics for the community’s children to aid in diminishing children’s fears associated with a doctor visit
  • Toy drives for AzCC in conjunction with the Daisy Mountain Fire Department
  • Honor children who have performed heroic acts
  • Women’s health fair on-site tests (glucose, mammogram screenings)